Clamy 78 Color Eyeshadow palette is the full set for your face makeup. It starts from your eyes to your cheek and lips. There are 60 colors of eyeshadow, 3 color blush, and 3 compact powder. The set of 60 colors in eyeshadow covers your every makeup shade on any outfit creating different dark to bright and bright to dark shades in different color combinations. The blushers are of 3 perfect colors that could be used on any skin tone to blend it and make perfect. 3 compact powder cakes that are refreshing and cool with the feature of oil control and smooth powder texture. The compact powders, blushers, and the eyeshadow are formulated to prevent from fading away and sustains for long enough. There are 12 different shades of lip gloss for your picture-perfect lips which are easy to apply with brushes. The 12 shades of lip glosses are the perfect set with which you won’t require any more lip makeup.


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